viernes, 25 de febrero de 2011

Promoción Apps iPhone

Escribo tantos emails al cabo del día, y algunos tan rollo, que me han hecho ver que algunos deberían ser post. Primero me he sentido halagado. Luego me he dado cuenta de que puede ser una indirecta para que me enrolle menos.

En cualquier caso, unas reflexiones sobre un artículo del siempre interesante John Casasanta. Copio y pego mi email.

I completely agree with the author, and confirms that the strategy we decided a year ago was right. The change in market that he explains means that not only our growing inventory is more valuable, but that our decision of building our ad serving and CRM platform was right.

We don’t suffer tap-tap-tap problem thanks to that. The last two iPhone apps we launched got to the highest possible thanks to our own communication strength. For instance, “Color Blind Test”, a very simple app that is just a reformatting of one that we already had, is right now category Top10 in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Switzerland… we launched it last Monday. Many of our other apps are also in the ranking tops because we are capable of pushing them as soon as they start falling. When we don’t need pushing our apps, we use our inventory to display ads of ad networks (Admob).

This year we have only launch two new apps. But even that, we still generating 1 million ads impression per day. That remains constant although we haven’t done nothing new in the last months. We have being really busy building the game platform and this will change now with the new resources.

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